Fordefi: Safe Institutional Access to DeFi and Crypto with Novel MPC Tools and Wallet-as-a-Service

The quote above from Curtis Spencer, co-founder and general partner at Electric Capital, highlights the significance of Fordefi’s new offering in the crypto space. Fordefi is aiming to revolutionize safe institutional access to DeFi and crypto by introducing innovative tools such as MPC (multi-party computation), user policies, and transaction simulation.

Spencer praises Fordefi for extending their industry-leading technology to any business that wants to provide their customers with the best combination of security and user experience when it comes to on-chain transactions. This acknowledgment underscores the potential impact of Fordefi’s wallet-as-a-service offering in improving the accessibility and security of on-chain transactions for businesses and their customers.

By incorporating these advanced tools and features, Fordefi is addressing the pressing need for heightened security measures in the DeFi and crypto space. The implementation of MPC, user policies, and transaction simulation represents a significant step forward in mitigating the risks associated with on-chain transactions, especially for institutional investors and businesses.

Overall, Fordefi’s new offering signifies a crucial development in the ongoing effort to make DeFi and crypto more accessible and secure for institutional players and businesses. It also underscores the continuous innovation and evolution within the crypto space as companies seek to address the challenges and limitations of existing infrastructure.

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