Former Alameda CEO’s $2.5 Million Yacht Deal Exposed In FTX Court Documents

Recent court filings have revealed a series of financial transactions that occurred prior to the decline of FTX in November 2022. The filings suggest that these transactions predominantly benefited individuals in influential positions within the company. However, FTX debtors have cautioned that the accuracy and completeness of the data cannot be guaranteed. One notable transaction involved former co-CEO of Alameda Research, Sam Trabucco, receiving a $2.51 million transfer from FTX to the American Yacht Group in March 2021. Trabucco later publicly acknowledged ownership of a yacht in August 2022. The filings also suggest that Alameda Research may have been aware of misconduct by FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried but did not take any action. These revelations have shed a negative light on the cryptocurrency industry, which has long struggled with associations of financial misconduct.


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