Laziness problem & some simple ways to overcome!

Laziness problem & some simple ways to overcome!

Laziness problem

Durrrruuu! The whole day only sleeps and does not get energy for any work. What to do…..!

If you are also suffering from the same problem then read today’s article till the end. Cause to-day in this article I will tell you exactly what mistakes make we feel tired & sluggish total day & how we can easily spend the whole day full of energy and fresh if we want.

Laziness problem:

Problem number 1.

Eating food on a full stomach at night. Both science and Ayurveda have said that if we eat any food after sunset, it is not digested properly and causes various diseases in the body. There are many reasons behind this

– In the absence of sunlight, various germs and bacteria thrive and enter our body through our food and harm the body in various ways.

– In the absence of sunlight, the metabolism rate of our body slows down due to which the food cannot be digested properly and those foods are stored as fat in different parts of the body and cause diseases like heart disease, rheumatism, constipation etc.

– If the digestive system continues during sleep, it interferes with deep sleep. As a result, if you go to sleep after eating heavy food day after night, then it weakens your body with various diseases nesting in your body as soon as you sleep. Where you feel lethargic throughout in the hole day.

Problem number 2.

its very common that going to sleep at night with our favourite smartphone in bed. Eketo went to bed after eating food and going to sleep, the digestion process is going on which is disturbing the hope of sleep and sat down to watch again with his smart phone. As a result, the blue light of the smartphone reduces the secretion of the hormone melatonin, making it more difficult to fall asleep.

Also, it cannot be that the brain needs to be relaxed in order to sleep deeply, as one after another information enters the brain from the smartphone. All in all, sleep is exactly twelve o’clock. And if the sleep is not good, no matter what you do, you will never be able to overcome the feeling of lethargy.

Problem number 3.

Waking up in the morning to the sound of the mobile phone alarm or something like that. First light sleep…then deep sleep for a while…light sleep again…deep sleep for a while…Thus our sleep cycle continues throughout the night. And whenever there is a light sleep phase in the sleep cycle, we should wake up and if we wake up normally without an alarm, we wake up during the light sleep phase. If we are woken up suddenly by the sound of Elam while deep sleep is in progress, it prevents the sleep cycle from completing.

As a result, we feel lethargic and drowsy after waking up due to incomplete sleep. In addition, the amount of sleep you get varies from day to day depending on how much physical and mental exertion you have done during the previous day. But if you have to wake up at a certain time every day due to the sound of the alarm, then the laziness gets stuck in the body due to incomplete sleep.


Problem number 4.

Eating dead food one after another all day. our human body produces energy from the food which we everyday eat. So if you want to stay alive then naturally you need to eat alive food. Now the question is which are the dead foods and which are the living foods. Dead food means any processed food, fish, meat, etc. and live food means fruits and vegetables. You will see how sluggishness increases in your body after eating meat and how sluggishness decreases after eating fresh fruits. So what should be done to be able to remain calm throughout the day? What is the solution to this problem?


Laziness Solution:

Solution number 1.

Fast after sunset or drink only cow’s milk. When asked about the most effective way to stay fit and healthy, Akshay Kumar, who comes first when it comes to Bollywood’s fittest and healthiest actor, said, “If nothing else, refrain from eating anything after sunset. keep If you do this, you will notice a big difference very quickly.

And if you absolutely can’t go without eating at least something. So you can drink a glass of cow’s milk with only honey after sunset because of several reasons.

– A glass of cow’s milk is considered equal to a whole meal as cow’s milk is extremely rich in nutrition.

– Digestion of cow’s milk does not put much pressure on our digestive system so it is easily digested even at night.

– Cow’s milk contains the hormone melatonin & the important amino acid tryptophan, which also help promote better fresh sleep.

Solution number 2.

Use a keypad phone. It’s true that almost all of us suffer from nomophobia, that is, if we don’t have our phone in our hands, some strange activity starts working in us. But if you take your smartphone to bed, it will disturb your sleep and even if you go to sleep without your phone, your mind might give you this excuse. As a solution to this problem you can also use a keypad phone (button phone) like me.


Solution number 3.

Go to bed early at night. I repeat that if sleep remains incomplete then you will never overcome laziness no matter what you do. So if you want to live a vibrant life, prioritize sleep above all else. But unfortunately we neglect sleep the most. Instead of waking up to an alarm in the morning, set a specific time alarm at night to remind you to go to bed.

Solution number 4.

Eat at least 3 servings of fresh fruit, rice and other throughout the day. Whether or not you eat anything throughout the day, you must eat any three types of fresh fruit of your choice on a regular basis. If you want to stay alive, you have to provide that vitality to your body. According to Ayurveda, vegetables such as rice and pumpkin are the most highly pranic food. Because this vegetable is so alive that it is compared to a living animal. So even if you don’t eat any vegetables, rice pumpkin should be eaten at least by everyone.

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