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I enjoy flying and I have also been fiddling with crypto on my spare time. The crypto market is filled with very good and also some outright rip offs. Getting into decentralized finance space, Mimas Finance was one of the projects I strongly believed in despite the CertiK audit highlighting some issues.

In the ever changing world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi), projects like Mimas Finance had garnered attention for their potential to reshape the financial landscape. However, a closer examination of the CERTIK audit results reveals the significance of due diligence when investing in crypto, and it raises serious questions about the true nature of decentralization within these kind of projects.

Mimas Finance was branded as an algorithmic money market and liquid staking protocol on the Cronos blockchain, offering DeFi users opportunities to participate in yield farming and staking. Its vision was purported to align with the DeFi ethos of democratizing finance, eliminating intermediaries, and providing users with financial autonomy. However, the devil is in the details, and a detailed audit unveils both strengths and weaknesses within Mimas Finance.

Crypto is a market characterized by its speculative nature, high risk, and potential for immense rewards, the need for extreme due diligence can’t be overstated. Mimas Finance’s audit outcomes serve as a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls investors may encounter when navigating the defi landscape.

One immediate concern raised by the audit is the lack of market stability, indicated by a score of 30.00, suggesting significant price volatility. This instability can pose a substantial risk for investors, as token prices can experience wild fluctuations in a matter of hours. Such conditions emphasize the importance of understanding market dynamics and risk management.

Furthermore, the decline in community trust, as indicated by the decreasing project score over the past year leading to the sunsetting of the project in October 2023, underscores the vital role of community sentiment in DeFi projects. Community trust is the foundation upon which these platforms thrive or crumble, and the loss of trust can be a fatal blow.

However, the most critical question that the Mimas Finance audit raises is the very nature of decentralization within DeFi. While the project may market itself as decentralized, the presence of two major issues related to centralization within the code audit calls into question the veracity of these claims.

These centralization issues point to the fact that a select group of individuals retains the power to make fundamental changes to the platform, including the ability to shut it down entirely (as we have evidenced from Mimas Finance Oct 2023 and many other projects before this). This not only contradicts the principles of decentralization but challenges the core tenets of trustless, permissionless finance upon which DeFi is built, Yep! I said it, It challenges the very fabric of DeFi. Is DeFi real or a smoke screen? (Leave your comment below)

The centralization concerns extend beyond Mimas Finance to the broader DeFi ecosystem. In many DeFi projects, governance is often concentrated in the hands of a few key developers or stakeholders. While this structure can enhance efficiency, it introduces a significant point of vulnerability. A handful of individuals can potentially make decisions that affect the entire community, making the project’s claims of decentralization dubious at best.

It is important to acknowledge that centralization concerns aren’t unique to Mimas Finance. Many DeFi platforms grapple with these challenges, raising questions about the true nature of decentralization in the DeFi space. Some projects may prioritize efficiency and rapid development, often at the expense of decentralization, thus challenging the very essence of trustless finance.

Mimas Finance’s audit outcomes provide valuable insights into the crypto/ defi space. While the project showcases strengths in code security and governance, it also reveals weaknesses in market stability and community trust. Moreover, the centralization issues unearthed in the audit underscore the need for investors to exercise extreme caution.

Crypto investors must recognize that the high risk and volatility in the market necessitate thorough due diligence. Before investing in any DeFi project, it is crucial to understand its true level of decentralization and assess whether it aligns with the principles of trustless and permissionless finance. Mimas Finance serves as a reminder that the term “decentralized finance” should not be taken at face value, and the onus is on investors to conduct comprehensive research and exercise prudence when navigating the crypto space. In a rapidly evolving and complex space, the path to financial autonomy requires careful consideration, skepticism, and a steadfast commitment to the principles of true decentralization.

This is not financial advise!!!

However, I wish I had done this thorough research before going head first into investing in these DeFi projects:

  • Mimas Finance
  • MM Finance
  • and many more…

All the best and stay safe out there!


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