Polkadot Community Platform PolkaWorld Ceases Operations Following Unsuccessful Funding Attempt

Polkadot community PolkaWorld halts operations after failed funding bid
The Polkadot community, PolkaWorld, has suspended operations after its proposal to receive funding from Polkadot’s treasury was rejected. PolkaWorld raised concerns about the treasury management under the new open governance system called “OpenGov,” claiming it is affecting long-term contributors to the Polkadot ecosystem. The organization believes that the previous governance system, which involved a council of experts evaluating proposals, should be integrated into the current system. Additionally, the founder of Brushfam, a platform onboarding businesses to Polkadot, announced their departure from Polkadot due to frustrations with the governance system and difficulties in obtaining financing.

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PolkaWorld Halts Operations After Failed Funding Bid

PolkaWorld Halts Operations After Failed Funding Bid


PolkaWorld, a well-known community in the Polkadot ecosystem, has recently announced the suspension of its operations. This decision came after the community’s failed funding bid, leaving members in a state of uncertainty. With the ecosystem’s decentralized nature, the funding challenges faced by various projects highlight the need for sustainable financial models within the Polkadot community.

The Failed Funding Bid and Impact on PolkaWorld

PolkaWorld, like many other projects within the blockchain space, relied heavily on community funding to support its operations and developments. However, despite their efforts, the recent funding bid did not yield the desired outcomes. As a result, the community had to make the difficult decision to halt its operations.

PolkaWorld played a significant role in fostering knowledge-sharing, fostering collaborations, and strengthening the Polkadot community as a whole. Through its online presence and various initiatives, the community facilitated discussions, organized events, and provided educational resources to enthusiasts and developers alike.

The sudden halt of PolkaWorld’s operations will undoubtedly create a void within the community. Many members relied on the platform for updates, engagement, and networking opportunities. Without a sustainable funding solution, it becomes challenging to maintain such valuable resources that drive the growth of the Polkadot ecosystem.


The situation faced by PolkaWorld sheds light on the importance of sustainable funding within the Polkadot community. While community-driven initiatives have played a vital role in its success, there is an increasing need for reliable financial frameworks to support projects that contribute significantly to the ecosystem’s growth.

As the Polkadot network continues to evolve, it remains crucial for the community to explore various funding mechanisms that can ensure the longevity and sustainability of projects. This may involve collaborations with investors, foundations, or exploring alternative revenue streams to reduce dependency on funding bids alone.


  1. What was the primary funding source for PolkaWorld?

    PolkaWorld relied mostly on community funding to sustain its operations and initiatives.

  2. What were the key contributions made by PolkaWorld to the Polkadot ecosystem?

    PolkaWorld actively facilitated knowledge-sharing, collaborations, and served as an educational resource for Polkadot enthusiasts and developers.

  3. How does the halt of PolkaWorld’s operations impact the community?

    The suspension of PolkaWorld leaves a void in the community, depriving members of valuable resources, updates, and networking opportunities.

  4. What is the takeaway from PolkaWorld’s situation?

    This situation emphasizes the importance of exploring sustainable funding models to support projects within the Polkadot ecosystem.

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