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In the lively city of Brisbane, Australia, amidst the eclectic neighbourhoods and diverse communities, Sarah Thompson’s quaint farmhouse found its place in the suburban landscape of Ashgrove. Tucked away on a quiet street, the home bore witness to decades of changing seasons and family memories.

The harsh Australian sun beat down on the terra cotta roofs, casting a warm glow on the well-maintained garden surrounding Sarah’s property. Glimpses of the iconic Story Bridge were replaced with a view of the lush trees lining the streets, their leaves creating a comforting shade in the subtropical climate.

As she contemplated the decision to sell her home, Sarah could hear the distant sounds of children playing at the nearby local school, the echoes of community events, and the occasional rev of a lawnmower from a neighbour’s yard. The hum of traffic along Waterworks Road served as a reminder of the city’s perpetual motion, seamlessly blending urban convenience with a suburban pace.

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The vibrant local markets, where fresh produce and handmade crafts were a weekend staple, added a touch of authenticity to the everyday life of Ashgrove. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted from the corner cafes, and the nearby Enoggera Reservoir beckoned with its serene waters for those seeking a natural escape.

Deciding to put her home on the market, Sarah navigated the practicalities of a For Sale By Owner strategy. Armed with her camera, she captured the charm of her home in a series of photographs, creating a listing that showcased the hardwood floors and the inviting veranda that had hosted countless family gatherings.

As she set out to market her property through local community boards and online platforms, Sarah quickly realized the time and effort it took to manage inquiries, coordinate property viewings, and handle the intricacies of negotiations. The dream of saving on broker commissions became a balancing act between work, personal life, and the demands of selling…

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