Ways to earn money by writing content 2023!

Ways to earn money by writing content 2023!

writing content

As everything has gone digital, people are now doing their business management, business marketing, etc. online. A content writer is in high demand in this era of digital marketing. If you are a good quality content writer, can write engaging content, bring traffic to the website. However, it is possible to earn a lot of money just by writing content. Can’t believe it? If you go to various freelancer marketplaces now, you will find that many are offering content writing services.

If there is no work, would anyone provide content writing services? Content writing can be done in Bengali or English. To do content writing in English, you need to know English and be good at writing. When writing content in Bengali, one must pay attention to grammar and other aspects of the Bengali language. So let’s get to know a little more about content writing.

writing content

What is the content?

Content can be of any type. However, generally there are 4 types of content. Below I have mentioned 4 types of content:

  • Written content
  • Video content
  • Audio content
  • Image content

Written content

Written content is writing in which a topic or message is expressed succinctly or powerfully. It can be written, words, sentences, paragraphs, or larger texts, expressed in a variety of ways. Written content can be used in news, blog posts, stories, academic papers, articles, website pages, social media posts, marketing materials, emails, letters, books, and more.

Written content is generally based on proper language, tonal consistency, relevance, attention-grabbing, brevity, and main consistent topics. Written content can stimulate the intelligence, knowledge, or interests of the audience, and answering their opinions or feedback can be helpful.

Video content

Video content is not written or spoken, but created in video format that communicates a topic or message to the audience. Video content can be combined with sound, images, or audio, and we can create videos using expressions, motion, images, animations, picture slides, graphics, webcams, and other media.

Used to share video content on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimo, Vimeo, and more. Video content can be created for various purposes including relevant, educational, entertaining, awareness. It can help awaken the intelligence of the viewer or audience and is an effective way to gain more knowledge from written content.

Audio content

Not content, but expressed through words that the audience can hear. Audio content can be of many types, such as reading, speaking, music, lectures, podcasts, radio programs, audiobooks, podcasts, speeches, interviews, voice notes, webinars, and many more.

Platforms such as podcasting services, SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube, SoundBank, Adi can be used to expand audio content and reach audiences. Audio content can serve the audience for news, entertainment, educational, emotional, judgmental, analysis and various other purposes.

Image content

Image content is a message, topic or short statement expressed through images. It is not like words or writing, but rather it is displayed in the form of pictures that can be seen by the audience. Image content may consist of images, graphics, illustrations, images, designs, pictures, presentation slides, infographics, posters, banners, photographs, memes, reviews, product designs, social media posts, and other means relevant to the topic discussed or established.

You can work with all the above content. The videos we watch on YouTube, various movies, these are all video content. Again, many types of posters, designs, etc. art or images are image content. You must have heard the audio song? These audio songs are audio content. You are reading this article of mine right now, it is written content. Hope you understand what is content and what are the types of content.

What is content writing?

Content writing is the presentation of writing on a variety of topics, topics, or anything else. The purpose of this article is to discuss content writing with you. So, I am discussing in detail what is content writing, how to learn content writing and how to earn money by content writing. That’s what content writing is all about. If you write about what people search on Google, then it is called content writing or blogging.

Content writing can be for yourself or for others. You can write content on your own website or earn money by writing content on other websites.

Earn money by writing content

It is possible to earn money by writing content. If you can write completely unique, SEO friendly content, you can earn more than Rs 50,000 per month from content writing. If you want to earn from content writing, you need to know content writing first. You should read different types of blogs to learn how to write content. Since content writing is a work of writing, those who do content writing will definitely not be called wrong when they are called writers. And do you know the key to becoming a good writer? Read more.

All famous writers in history loved to read books. As we have entered the digital age, we have to read various websites/blogs to learn content writing. more y0u read, the m0re knowledge then y0u will gain. Not only should you read, you should write. Write on a variety of topics. This will enhance your writing experience.

Assuming you can do content writing now. But, just writing does not make it content. Our writing must have a purpose. For example: If you want to rank in Google, then SEO must be done. When doing different types of campaigns, everything has to be presented uniquely. This is called copywriting.

If you know content writing, you can earn money by writing content on sites like fiver, upwork, freelancer etc. Also, if you want, you can earn money by writing on different websites of our country. There are many other websites like TrickBD that will pay you to write on various topics. You should work if you want to earn money by working on these websites.

Types of content writing

The type of content writing may vary depending on the field. That is, if you are doing content writing, you have to write about different topics. Sometimes blog writing, affiliate marketing, script writing etc. Depending on the client’s work, you will need to write about a variety of topics.

If you can write content, you will get clients from Bangladesh or foreign countries. In this case, you need to be good at content writing. Getting a website ranked by writing content will increase your acceptance with clients.


In today’s post I have discussed with you how to earn money by content writing. I Hope Earnning Related post is helpful for you.

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