Youtube shorts – Earn from YouTube 2023!

Youtube shorts - Earn from YouTube 2023!

YouTube shorts

Ways to earn from YouTube shorts. Nowadays there are numerous ways to earn money from YouTube. A new feature has been introduced in it. And that is YouTube shorts. So if you want to earn money from YouTube, then you can choose YouTube shorts. In this article for your convenience, I will tell you the easy ways to earn from YouTube shorts. So if you want to earn from YouTube shorts. want to know about Then read our article carefully till the end.

What are YouTube shorts?

We will discuss in detail how to earn money from Youtube shots, but what is this short? You must know clearly. Youtube shorts is a platform and a part of YouTube. Here you can create and edit small videos. And you can create YouTube short videos of 60 seconds or less. Dance videos, tutorial videos, funny videos etc. You can make any kind of small videos.

Here you can create videos only with your smart mobile phone. After creating a video, you can add various filters, captions and effects also to make it more interesting. You can make YouTube short videos more popular through music and audio. You can add free music and audio clips from the YouTube library to your YouTube short videos. You can. So guys I hope you understand what YouTube shorts are.


Some Features of YouTube Shorts

  • Here you can make short videos of under One minute.
  • YouTube Shorts has a cool multi segment camera feature which results in
    and you can join with multiple video clips together.
  • You can add free and any types of music to for recorded videos.
  • Control the speed of the video which you will created.
  • With Shorts videos you can grow your YouTube channel very quickly less then YouTube long videos.
  • Use the timer & countdown feature for recording videos.
  • You can easily use slow motion effect in video.
  • Use a variety of filters & effects to enhance the appeal of the video and maintain good quality.

How to make youtube shorts video?

→ If you want to use the shorts feature of YouTube, then you have to open the YouTube app from your mobile. But in this situation should make sure that your YouTube app is updated.

→ After opening one you will see a plus icon in the bottom center. Click on that icon.

→ Here click on Create Shortcut option.

→ In this time mobile camera will open for recording the video. You can record video from here as you wish.

→ After recording a video, you can add music to the video or use a variety of filters and effects.

→ After making and editing the video properly, you have to give title and description.

→ At last you can upload your video on youtube channel.

But You need to keep in mind that you must have a YouTube account to make short videos. Because whenever you create and upload a video, that video will be uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Ways to earn from YouTube shorts

So you could find out in the above discussion. What are YouTube shorts? So now I will tell you about the way to earn from YouTube shorts. So if you want to know how to earn from YouTube shorts then follow the steps given on the net. For example-

YouTube Shorts Fund

If anyone are thinking of making money by making YouTube shorts videos then it is a great way is the $100 million Shorts Fund. $100 million Shorts Fund This is a way that was created by YouTube in 2021. Creators using this platform are promised a monthly bonus as a reward. The amount of the bonus can be from $100 to $10000 but how much will you be paid. It is based on your short video performance in the last month. Below are the requirements to earn from YouTube shorts for you to collect sister – Publish one original youtube short video every 180 days. In particular, you must be an adult in your country.

YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Monetization Policy must be followed. Once you meet or meet these requirements, you will be in the running to receive these short credits. If you are selected, you will be notified by YouTube within the first week of the month. will be added. to claim your bonus. A lot of video views are required to collect the bonus until the 25th of the same month.

In this case, the fact that you have to go viral in order to earn hundreds of dollars is a bit disappointing, but there is still a good news. At present, YouTube is giving more shorts bonuses to creators than them. More theaters will get paid between 100 dollars and a maximum of 10,000. Receive payment.



We know making money making YouTube shorts is not an easy task. cause you have to compete with 1000+ of creators to receive monthly rewards and etc. But don’t worry, you don’t have to compete to earn from short. You can earn money from YouTube shorts in various other ways. The most popular and profitable way is band sponsorship.

When a company sponsors you, they pay you to promote their products or services through your videos, but the company’s products can be of any kind. For example – laptops, mobiles, beauty products etc. Thousands of people are earning a lot of money from short videos made by themselves through this means. If you want to earn money from YouTube shorts in an easy way. Then sponsor.

Affiliate Marketing

We all know that flat marketing is the best way to earn money from home online. So if anyone want to earn money from home. In that case anyone can start affiliate marketing Also. From youtube shorts videos. You contact different companies, collect their different products.

You can upload them to your YouTube short video and do marketing. And you can earn the amount of profit you get as a commission for selling your products. So friends, you who are looking for a way to earn from youtube shots. They can start YouTube shorts today using any of the above methods.

So friends today in this post we have informed you about the way to earn from YouTube shorts. If you want to earn from YouTube shorts in an easy way. Then you can choose affiliate marketing or sponsorship.

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